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Other parts

Portable Oil Cleaner

Addition to existing oil Purification system,centrifugal Filter's Centrifugal force  removes highly dense, micro-particle to purify the oil.
Centrifugal filter works according to principal of action and reaction's ro-tation of Jet Nozzle,
wiich uses centrifugal force that is c,000 times greater than the gravity, to remove all sorts of contaminating materials to below 1~2. Extended time of replacement period of lubricant and filter of various oil system will reduce the maintenance cost.

Marine waste Crusher

This crusher is bulit for special purpose of ships and offershore plant, which can be place in a small space.
From soft material to hard materials, it is able to crush all kinds of composite waste to rduce the volume greatly.
All types of waste crushable! 85% volume reduction when crushed!

Safety Training Equipment

HUET (Helicopter Underwater Escape Training) & Wave Maker
Wave maker for Existing pools.
Wave maker that is composed with a floating cover that is connected with rope of automation devise on the structure.
Wave maker has it's base on the natural frequency of the pool.
The wave is made with very small energy to allow the pool and the people inside to be absolutely safe.

- Helicopter Lift Equipment / Fog Maker / Rain Maker

- Ect.

- R.O.V. (Remotely Operated Vehicle) + Simulator

- Just Marine China -> Life / Rescue Boat & Winch


- Constant development of product and system (R&D) Project)

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